Landscaping Jobs in Markham

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Why Work at MPS?

MPS Property Services has been serving the GTA for over 25 years. We are a well-known and growing company in an exciting industry. We offer a host of job opportunities for individuals seeking career paths in landscape construction, landscape maintenance and snow removal . MPS is involved in year round property maintenance, and offers both seasonal, and year-round full time employment. At MPS we offer competitive pay, excellent training and the opportunity for advancement.

MPS Academy

he MPS Academy is an internal training system which we have designed to on-board and train our employees, and also to outline career paths and opportunities within the company. The Academy includes the skills and qualifications employees should strive for and must attain before being promoted to a higher position. At MPS we provide all of our employees with the necessary training-both internally and using outsourced providers -to be competent and proficient in their specific roles. This system ensures that our staff are well prepared to start work, feel comfortable operating their specific equipment, and most importantly, are safe while working. Hazard recognition, health and safety orientation as well as OSHA and WHIMIS training are all integral components of our system. Upon completion of our safety orientation, new employees complete specialized training programs specifically for the different divisions within the company. We strive to have the best trained and safest employees in the industry, and we are proud to say that we have not had a lost-time work injury in over 6 years! We are always looking for qualified staff interested in joining the MPS team! Below are some specific roles we have open right now. Please submit a resume, or complete our on-line application form to express your interest.