Where to Donate Clothes and Other Items in Markham

Written By mps-admin On September 22, 2022

Whether you’re making room for a new seasonal wardrobe or are looking for ways to help the less fortunate, donating clothes can benefit you, the community and the environment.   Below, we discuss where to drop off second-hand clothes in the city of Markham.   How to Recycle Clothes  Clothes that are in good condition have no […]

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5 Things You Need to Do to Prepare Your Yard For Winter

Written By mps-admin On August 2, 2022

When fall arrives, it’s time to start thinking about winter and how it will impact your yard. Several elements of your yard either need to be winterized or could strongly benefit from a few preparatory steps before the frost hits. You can help ensure the life of plants and extend the life of hardscaping elements […]

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Commercial Snow Insurance: The Disappearance of Small Snow Removal Contractors

Written By mps-admin On July 26, 2022

As a commercial property owner, are you struggling to find a commercial snow & ice management contractor for your buildings? In recent years many small and medium contractors have dropped out of the snow industry due to multiple contributing factors. Insurance continues to be one of the top challenges for the snow removal industry.  Labour, […]

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Sloped Yard Landscape Design

Written By mps-admin On July 15, 2022

Do you have a large hill or slope in your yard? You may be thinking “how do I design a landscape for a sloped yard?”. It’s very common for homes to have changing grades and elevations on their lot, also known as slopes, in the front yard or backyard. Having a sloped yard isn’t a […]

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Deck vs. Patio: When to Go with One Over the Other

Written By mps-admin On June 9, 2022

Sprucing up your landscape provides an excellent backdrop for barbecue season. When you decide to invest in your backyard outdoor living space, you have main two choices—deck vs. patio. There are tons of factors to consider in determining which one suits your outdoor space, lifestyle, and budget. We analyze multiple aspects to help you choose […]

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Why Dandelions Drive Landscapers & Lawn Enthusiasts Crazy

Written By mps-admin On June 3, 2022

As a landscaper, lawn enthusiast or property owner there is nothing more frustrating than seeing yellow dandelions popping up throughout your lush green lawn and rapidly taking over. Without intervention, dandelions and other weeds will quickly dominate your lawn and there is very little that can be done to stop them, driving landscapers and lawn […]

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When Should I Plant Annual Flowers Each Year?

Written By mps-admin On May 12, 2022

Annual flowers are known for their range of bright colours, various sizes and long blooming periods. They’re called ‘Annuals’ because they go through their whole life cycle in one season, new flowers need to be planted at the beginning of each summer and removed when they die in the fall. Annual flowers are a great […]

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Stone Pavers & Ground Frost Damage

Written By mps-admin On April 29, 2022

Frost can have a devastating effect on your stone pavers and new landscape project if your landscape provider is not experienced. You should be cautious if your landscape company is not familiar with ground frost and are starting to build too early in the spring. There is a right time to start building your landscape […]

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When Do Spring Flowers Bloom? Bloom Times & Schedule

Written By mps-admin On April 18, 2022

Whether you have a green thumb, or you are just starting out, one of the most important aspects of gardening is knowing when flowers bloom. When you understand that, you get smarter about your planting, so you enjoy blooms throughout the seasons. Canadians look forward to spring blooms that signal summer is near. So, when […]

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Should I Get A Backyard Fire Pit – Pros & Cons of Fire Features At Your Home

Written By mps-admin On March 31, 2022

Backyard fire pits are a great way to extend the enjoyment of your landscape. Through chilly spring days, cool summer nights and crisp fall days, a backyard fire pit adds warmth, light and a place to gather. So whether you’re warming up after a swim or making smores with the kids, fire features give you […]

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