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Choosing MPS for your Landscape Project

Written By mps-admin On July 19, 2018

Here’s what you can expect from MPS when you choose us for your landscape project! 1. Free Consultation! You’ve seen us around and have decided to contact us. At that point, we will ask you for some information about the project you are looking to start. For example what type of work you’re looking to […]

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It’s Peony Season!

Written By mps-admin On June 13, 2018

Peonies are herbaceous perennial plants (come back year-year) with large, layered blossoms and deeply lobed leaves. Peonies are among the most popular garden plants in temperate regions, ranging in colour from purple, red, pink, white or yellow. The luscious flower heads of Peonies are perfect for adding a dramatic splash of colour to your garden. […]

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Managing Risks & Hazards: The MPS Health & Safety Program

Written By mps-admin On June 1, 2018

At MPS Property Services, the health & safety of all our team members, our clients and all worksite parties is of the utmost importance. Building a culture of behaviour-based safety that is demonstrated day in and day out is what sets MPS apart from most property maintenance and landscaping companies. Our comprehensive health & safety […]

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Residential Landscape Construction: The importance of a reputable landscape design & construction company

Written By mps-admin On May 23, 2018

When choosing a landscape company for your front or backyard landscaping, it is of the utmost importance to do your research. Not all landscape construction companies are the same and not all landscape designs are done properly. Finding a landscape construction company that is knowledgeable about local by-laws and permit requirements is extremely important since […]

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Spring Is The Time To Do Some Winter Damage Repair

Written By mps-admin On May 17, 2018

The onset of spring is always most welcome for many wonderful reasons; warmer weather, birds singing, flowers blooming and the satisfaction that the driveway and front steps won’t need to be cleared of snow and ice for seven glorious months! Winter, however, cannot just be forgotten and brushed aside quite so easily though. The effects […]

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MPS Winter Warriors & our “Winter Vacation Give-Away” Winner

Written By mps-admin On May 7, 2018

The long winter season appears to have finally come to a dramatic conclusion, and we are now seeing temperatures beginning to creep up to seasonal norms. Now is also the perfect time to recognize the great work that our MPS “Winter Warriors” have put in over the past 6 months, with their fantastic effort in […]

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The Evolution of Snow Removal Equipment

Written By mps-admin On February 16, 2018

A History of Snow Removal The latest and greatest in snow removal technology is always a topic of great interest for our industry. The newest equipment, with sectional wing plows or containment blades, heated pavement & snow melting machines, and various options for liquid and blended de-icing / anti-icing products are always front and center […]

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The Environmental Impact of Snow Removal

Written By mps-admin On December 22, 2017

Salt & The Environment The snow removal industry plays a very important role in keeping people safe throughout the winter season; be it on roadways, driveways, walkways or parking lots. Unfortunately, as with many other industries, there is an environmental impact to be considered as well. Rock salt (NaCl) is by far the most commonly […]

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MPS Winter 2017-2018 Weather Outlook

Written By mps-admin On December 1, 2017

Our Predictions for Winter 2017-2018 What affects Ontario’s Winter Weather? The winter weather patterns in Southern Ontario are affected by multiple different factors. Active weather systems from the U.S.A and Western Canada can track North-East, bringing with them precipitation and changes in temperature. When given the right conditions, the surrounding great lakes can produce unpredictable and […]

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The Science of Salt

Written By mps-admin On November 15, 2017

What is “salt”, and how does it work? There are a lot of misconceptions in the Snow & Ice industry about salt, salt use and the “Science of Salt” itself, which can often lead to its misuse or misapplication. Snow & Ice Industry  The type of salt used in the snow & ice industry is […]

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