Dandelion Season Coming to a Close

Written By mps-admin On June 15, 2017

While the beloved robin used to represent the first sign of Spring, now, unfortunately, it is the pesky and prodigious dandelions that ushers in the season… For those who love a well-manicured, lush, green lawn, there is nothing worse than seeing the towering, yellow weeds slowly (then rapidly) taking over every available green space and […]

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When Should I Plant Annual Flowers?

Written By mps-admin On May 15, 2017

The Victoria Day weekend usually coincides with the planting of annual flowers, but after the cold & wet spring that we’ve received in southern Ontario- when is the right time to plant? Annual flowers are the perfect way to add eye-catching colour and foliage to your garden or planters. Annuals have one long growing/flowering season, […]

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Emergency First Aid & CPR

Written By mps-admin On April 20, 2017

MPS FIRST AID TRAINING  MPS Property Services is dedicated to the Health & Safety of all our team members, with a vigorous program in place that focuses on prevention, hazard recognition, safe work practices & procedures, and accountability. A significant Health & Safety responsibility for MPS management is ensuring that we are fully compliant with […]

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How To Plant Spring Bulbs

Written By mps-admin On April 13, 2017

Square One… As a new graduate, who just recently moved out of her parent’s house, I’ve only started digging into gardening as a hobby. Last summer, I tried my hand at some flower planters that you can read about here. This post will be all about my first and possibly disastrous attempt at planting spring bulbs, […]

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Successful ISO SN 9001 Stage 2 Field Audit

Written By mps-admin On April 3, 2017

MPS Property Services is very pleased to announce that we have successfully completed the final phase of our Stage 2 ISO 9001 / SN 9001 audit; with our recent, fully compliant “in-event” Inspection Audit. This final Stage 2 verification of our ISO processes and procedures involved bringing in a third party auditor, from Smithers Quality […]

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Commercial Spring Newsletter 2017

Written By mps-admin On March 29, 2017

SPRING is finally right around the corner but before we can all begin to enjoy the warmer weather and all the great things that go along with the season’s change, it is always prudent to spend some time and take care of a little “Spring Cleaning” on your commercial property. While statistically this past winter […]

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Residential Spring Newsletter 2017

Written By mps-admin On March 27, 2017

Another winter is coming to a close, and everyone at MPS is starting to switch gears in preparation for spring and summer. With winter 2017 being fairly average, this allowed the management team at MPS to focus on some important internal changes and upgrades. MPS gained some valuable new employees over the winter, including: Jordan […]

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“Ken-hog” Day: The True Augury of Spring

Written By mps-admin On March 21, 2017

While the glamour & glory of spring prognostications have always gone to famous groundhogs such as Wiarton Willie, Shubenacadie Sam and Punxsutawney Phil, these rodents of questionable reliability and dubious character have nothing on MPS’ own Seer of Spring, the ursine-like Ken Jorgenson; whose “Ken-hog” day predictions bring shouts of joy throughout the entire company. […]

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T’is the Season for Winter Planters

Written By mps-admin On November 29, 2016

Last week, I had the pleasure of designing and creating these festive winter planters with two of our enhancement crew members, Amanda and Melissa. Most commonly you see these types of planters on the steps of residential homes, but I just love the impact these over-sized containers make at this busy commercial building. What a […]

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Highway of Heroes Living Tribute

Written By mps-admin On November 7, 2016

November is a time for remembrance, so it’s fitting that this past week MPS was honoured to take part in a tree planting ceremony for the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute. The HOH Tribute is a foundation started by Mark Cullen, possibly Canada’s best known gardener. The foundation’s goal is to plant 117,000 trees to […]

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