Landscape Terminology

Written By mps-admin On July 23, 2021

If you’re unfamiliar with the landscape industry, you might not be using the proper words or landscape terminology when discussing your future project. It’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with landscape terminology before consulting with a landscape designer to make sure you’re accurately describing the work you’d like done! Landscaping is a general term […]

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Asphalt & Interlock Paving Stone Driveway Options

Written By mps-admin On August 17, 2020

Your driveway has a big impact on the ‘curb appeal’ of your home; it’s one of the first features a visitor sees and can say a lot about your home. A well-maintained driveway that ties into a beautiful front entrance landscape, makes for a welcome first impression. When you’re thinking of upgrading your front landscape […]

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How to Start a Garden with Kids

Written By mps-admin On June 17, 2020

With so much time being spent at home these days, parents looking for ways to keep their kids engaged and entertained don’t need to look any further than their own backyard. Starting a garden is a great way to promote exercise, creativity, problem-solving, get fresh air and more.  Keep reading to learn how to start […]

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How To Create A Butterfly Sanctuary In Your Backyard

Written By mps-admin On May 1, 2020

Have you always liked the idea of creating a butterfly sanctuary in your backyard? It all begins in the planning stages of your landscape design. To attract butterflies you’ll need some specific features to keep them fed, happy and safe from predators and inclement weather.  Having an expert landscape design and build team, like the one at MPS Property Services, can help bring your butterfly […]

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How to Get Your Patio Ready for Spring 

Written By mps-admin On April 16, 2020

Spring is here, the weather is warming up and you want to start spending more time outdoors. To fully enjoy the outdoors oasis that you have created you will want to get your patio ready for the upcoming seasons. Here’s our expert advise on how to get your patio ready for spring and summer.   Inspect […]

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Elements of a Landscape Design

Written By mps-admin On January 25, 2019

Creating a beautiful and functional landscape design can have its challenges. One person may be a visionary and see a landscape design come to life immediately, while others need to sit down, think and conceptualize. There is a lot of planning involved in creating a landscape design, one of the first steps is choosing the […]

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How to Create your Landscape Vision Board

Written By mps-admin On January 9, 2019

With the holidays behind us, January is the time for saving, planning and goal setting for the year ahead. Although warmer days seem distant, this is actually the perfect time of year to start planning for your landscape construction projects, without spending a dime! We even wrote a blog about all the benefits of designing […]

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Tips for Dangerous Winter Driving Conditions

Written By mps-admin On January 7, 2019

Tying into one of our earlier blog posts, about winter safety kits for your vehicle, it’s important to think about driving for the conditions as well.   After 30+ years in the snow removal industry, we’ve become experts at recognizing and maneuvering in winter weather conditions. Winter weather can result in dangerous driving conditions.  It’s crucial to […]

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Should I Get Winter Tires?

Written By mps-admin On October 27, 2017

Winter Tires Winter is coming… it’s time to think about installing your winter tires! Only two provinces in Canada, Quebec and British Colombia, require cars to use winter tires between December to April. However, at MPS, we believe all cars should have winter tires if they’re driving in snowy conditions. Why should I use winter […]

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Fall Container Gardening

Written By mps-admin On September 27, 2017

Bring the Shades and Textures of Fall to Your Home As summer comes to an end, it’s time to replace and revive your summer garden containers! Fall container gardening adds a fun and seasonal splash of colour to your entryway. As summer transitions into fall, think about replacing your summer planters with hardier autumnal plants. […]

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